pH Meter for ipod and iPhone

The free pH Meter app works with the ODM PH-1 accessory to turn your iPhone or iPod into a precision pH Meter with data logging capability.

ph Meter App Store


  • pH Display
  • Millivolt Display
  • Ambient Temperature Display
  • Solution Temperature Display
  • Buffer Calibration, 1 to N points
  • Record readings with timestamp and geo coordinates
  • View history by date or location
  • Send readings by email

Main Display

This screen is showing pH, millivolts, air temperature and probe temperature.

Temperature can be displayed in Celcius, Farenheight, or Kelvin.

pH display

Calibration Display

Three points are shown here. Any number of points can be input for calibration, and the app uses a regression algorithm to calculate the ideal slope and offset.

Every time a measurement is recorded, the calibration that was in effect is saved with the reading for auditing purposes.

calibration display

History Display

History can be grouped by date or location. The history database is limited only by the free memory in the iPod/iPhone.

If location services are enabled, each record also has the geo coordinates stored.

history display